Caffeine Sketches + vacay clothing

Over the past few weeks I have gotten into the habit of drawing very quick pieces in a rough and scratchy manner while I get hyped up on about a gallon of coffee. I’ve kinda christened these my ‘caffeine drawings’, these are the best of the batch.

Also I have decided to flesh out my lookbook/fashion idea to create some pieces of upcycled clothing from charity shops and other discount stores which feature the artwork and patterns that I have been exploring recently. It’s going to be a chill time with some weird and interesting scrawlings. if you missed my last blogpost you can see my boiler suit prototype that I might make more of. Below is my logo and a few other little bits I didnt have in my last blogpost.

Look Book Part 1 - Custom Boiler Suit

I’ve wanted to do this for an extremely long time. Making a lookbook/series of images of people living in my own art is something that I’ve always wanted.

A few weeks ago I bought a blank white boiler suit on Amazon to print a design onto and on a whim a few days ago I finally ironed the design onto the back of the boiler suit and arranged a photoshoot with Becky. I’m going to be putting this design up onto my redbubble account soon so that I can get it on t-shirts and other fun things too! I’ll be doing more of these shoots when I get more physical outfits and products together!

New Collages and New Drawings

New logo idea for the site.

New Collage bits

some felt tip drawings

I'm Back

So I’ve not posted on this blog for about a year at this point so I’ll give you a brief rundown on all of the stuff I’m up to at the moment:

I am running a music podcast with my friend Jack which you can listen to here:

I’ve also been involved with some illustrations for a new satirical music magazine based in Southampton called Eavesdropper Magazine which you can visit here:

I am also in the process of setting up a local radio station in the town I’m based in called Radio Arle which is coming soon!

The Editorial Team for Eavesdropper Magazine

Here are a few highlights from the past few months!

Photos with Jordan

Photos with Becky

Miscellaneous Collage

Plant Based Collage Work

I have much much more on my Behance and Insta but these are just the best of the batch. I’m going to try my best to update this on the regular so there may be some new content coming very soon. (And also a bit more writing)

Isle of Wight, More drawings and Fonts

i've been insanely busy this week so to keep it brief here is a quick run down of everything ive seen and made.

i went to the isle of white with jess to take a few pictures for a magazine submission themed around the colour orange.

yarmouth (5 of 21).jpg

the weather was incredibly bitter and cold. so going out was a bit of a chore on the first day i was there although the choppiness of the sea was a nice backdrop to the majority of my photos.

pic by jessica parsons

on day two the snow surprisingly made landfall on the island and settled quite a bit. me and jess took this opportunity to take a long walk down the coast from colwell bay where we were staying at her mum's and have an explore. the views were phenomenal and its definitely a rare way to see the coastline.

a little while later we ventured further into the island alongside its east coastline where i could get some wide angle landscape shots. we also stopped at an old church, a village shop and freshwater bay to take in the sight of the snow.

i've continued doing the outline illustrations and i'm soon going to try to work them into some embroidery for tshirts and sweatshirts so watch out for that.

cargo containers outline.jpg

i've made my own font for work surrounding this aesthetic called 'a colourful life'  as you can see below.

colourful life font.jpg
font 2.jpg
font 3.jpg
text me when you get home.jpg
have a good one.jpg
take care.jpg
a quick insta break.jpg

there is more stuff on my behance if you're interested in anything here and wanna see more of it. the link is at the bottom of this page.

a new direction

i had a breakthrough in a certain technique and aesthetic that i've suddenly realised i can do pretty well. its a very simple technique but as you can see i've been incredibly busy with experimenting with it in the last few days. it began with very simple line drawings but now it has graduated to a more playful feeling with an emphasis on primary colours.

jess II

tomos II



eddie (pic by jess parsons)







the barbican

greenwich peninsula

an equipment shack in a park in winchester

i've never really seen myself as an illustrator or someone who can draw very competently so i'm quite shocked at the sort of work i've managed to produce. i'm going to continue working with this new direction in my work and see how far it will take me.

in other news, i discovered a wonderful new eatery in southsea called 'the southsea deli' which was a great find as i've recently gone pescatarian. it was incredibly veggie friendly and the food + coffee was amazing. it was so good in fact that me and jess went twice in the space of 3 days. 

new work and digital editing

steve cleverley - the mastermind behind the taxi service

a quick shaky polaroid 

a quick shaky polaroid 

over the past few weeks i've been helping out a local private hire company, Alresford Town Private Hire LTD, get their business off the ground by lending my help to setting up their social media and taking their promotional photos. check out the page down below.

check out the business here:

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 22.55.39.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 22.55.56.png

also i went through my camera roll on my ipad and found some old photos i'd forgotten about. these are some of my favourite photos but i have re-edited them and enhanced them with some new presets and editing.

i've tried to experiment with outlining and minimalist line drawings on some photos of jess

i think my digital skills are now definitely improving alongside my analog skills with regards to editing which is really great. i've been safely hiding behind how forgiving film can be but now due to the convenience of digital photography its forcing me to learn some new tricks.

alresford snowfall

it snowed for 3 days straight and i was trapped in my town for a long time. however i made the effort of trekking on foot around the place and taking a few pictures here and there. I also tried out the remote fire function connected to an app on my phone (although it was so cold i couldnt feel my hands and it was hard to use a touchscreen) 

day 1

on the first day there was a light dusting of snow but it was enough that much of the public transport in the area just wasnt working and people were stockpiling milk and bread.

day 2

by the second day there was so much snow from the previous day that even 4x4s couldnt traverse the huge snow drifts that had blocked in the surrounding villages. the route i was planning to take to capture some more pictures was too icy so i had to turn back at the base of a huge hill which would normally be easy to climb.

all of the snow has gone now fortunately, so i can get back to normality and start helping out a few new clients with social media help and promotional photos.


to kick start my suburbia photo series i went to eastney in portsmouth over the weekend and got a feel for the area and took a few pictures. all of them are on digital so far, but i made sure to also bring a disposable fujifilm 1600 camera and a lomography sprocket rocket camera for some panoramic shots. by the time i decide to do anything substantial with the work those films will be devved and scanned, but until then ive got my digital images to get a feel of everything. 

me and jess stopped at a lovely little cafe called 'home' in southsea. i had probably the best bagel ive ever eaten (no exaggeration) and also enjoyed an iced mocha. the interior was incredibly photogenic as you can see

i also spent time walking around southsea and got a real feel for the place visually 

at the moment the design feel linking all my ideas of what i want from this project are conflicting and are definitely prone to change. my idea of recording mundanity and familiarity of a suburban/urban residential setting is just getting off the ground and will be a slow and steady affair as more and more content is produced on my end. 

once i have some more new content ill post again!

I’m gonna use this blog more!

For the most part I have been busy and also not for a very long time. I recently dug my digital camera out and I’ve begun using that alongside my film cameras. I found three unexposed films in my garage (two Kodak colour plus 200 and an obscure film called Prima) which I assume are expired and I’m planning to use them for some lomo/fun stuff unless the films are actually any good, in which case I can load them into my Olympus. 

Portrait Edits

I took a load of portrait shots when I was still at university, but I just got round to editing and uploading them.

Isle of Wight

A few shots from the Isle of Wight which may be made into posters/prints at a later date. All shot on an Olympus OM10 on Kodak Ektar 100.

Behind the Scenes - JP Photography

I’ve also been helping Jess out with her new project on visual identity and I recently got round to having the film from the Isle of Wight documenting her work on her 'Strata' Project developed.


I've started a new photo series on the isolation of the rural suburbia in my town. This is going to be mostly shot on my Canon 760D rather than any of my analogue cameras. 

London 2017

Some shots on Cinestill 800 from a trip to London last year.

London 2018

A few random shots from my 760D from a recent trip.

I am going to make an effort to update this at least once a week, so stay tuned!

New Work - Summer 2017

It's been a long time since I posted anything so apologies for this onslaught of pictures from my recent devved film.

Studio Tests

Odds and Ends


The exhibition was a resounding success! I want to thank everyone who came along and supported all of us who displayed our work over the three days. Luckily the exhibition actually made a good profit and this has gone back into creating what I love to create. Here are several pieces I have had developed in the last month.

Instant Photography

The Exhibition is Coming...

The second part of my overall contribution to the 'sense of good' Exhibition is a series of work which combine conventional portraiture which has been digitally manipulated to embrace 90s style television graphics and crude copy and paste collages. These are a few rough examples which show the sort of direction I will be taking.

Also we now finally have a venue and dates for the exhibition!!

17th - 19th of March at The Museum of Bath at Work. I will post directions closer to the time!

Colourising Pt II.

My new body of work which I'm trying to create consists of digital and analog b&w pictures which have been edited in post to create a stark contrast between the base image and bright psychedelic colours. It's amazing when you start to use Photoshop in a way that it is not designed to be used. The process in making these pictures is the simple use of the fill tool which naturally colours the visible gradients or fluctuations of the shades of greyscale.

Over the next few months I'm going to continue trying this technique in as many different variations and in as many different applications as possible. The end result will be a large body of work that I can choose from to exhibit.

The exhibition in question is 'the sense of good exhibition' which is being hosted by my magazine 'sense of good'. So far we are trying our hardest to find a suitable venue and raise enough funds to book out a space and work out all the logistics of said space. At the time of me writing this, we currently have had £215 in donations however we still have a long way to go to get to the goal of £2000.

Here is a link to donate:

Colourising Part 1.

This is the first part of my work for exhibition in March, in Part II I will explain in more detail the process in making these pictures and more about the exhibition which I am putting together for 'sense of good' magazine.

For now here are a few proof of concept pictures which I shot today on a Canon 760D and heavily edited.

Portraiture and Colour Focus

Colour Experiments

I am trying to explore a certain technique which I have picked up from experimenting with the fill tool in Photoshop and seeing how this could fit into my final displayed work. The pattern gives the sky a marbling effect and I want to utilise this along with some portraiture and other miscellaneous shots.

Portraiture Experiments

These shots are from my exploration of portraiture which should hopefully come together with the other experiments with colour that I have also been doing.

New Project...

I'm starting a new project in collaboration with fellow photographer Tomos Morris ( )  in which we explore the minimal photography with the occasional focus of human interaction. This project will end with an exhibition with a place and date to be confirmed. As preparation for this I will post updates here with the journey towards this.

Here are a few pictures as rough concept shots:

Keep checking back for more updates soon!