I’m gonna use this blog more!

For the most part I have been busy and also not for a very long time. I recently dug my digital camera out and I’ve begun using that alongside my film cameras. I found three unexposed films in my garage (two Kodak colour plus 200 and an obscure film called Prima) which I assume are expired and I’m planning to use them for some lomo/fun stuff unless the films are actually any good, in which case I can load them into my Olympus. 

Portrait Edits

I took a load of portrait shots when I was still at university, but I just got round to editing and uploading them.

Isle of Wight

A few shots from the Isle of Wight which may be made into posters/prints at a later date. All shot on an Olympus OM10 on Kodak Ektar 100.

Behind the Scenes - JP Photography

I’ve also been helping Jess out with her new project on visual identity and I recently got round to having the film from the Isle of Wight documenting her work on her 'Strata' Project developed.


I've started a new photo series on the isolation of the rural suburbia in my town. This is going to be mostly shot on my Canon 760D rather than any of my analogue cameras. 

London 2017

Some shots on Cinestill 800 from a trip to London last year.

London 2018

A few random shots from my 760D from a recent trip.

I am going to make an effort to update this at least once a week, so stay tuned!