to kick start my suburbia photo series i went to eastney in portsmouth over the weekend and got a feel for the area and took a few pictures. all of them are on digital so far, but i made sure to also bring a disposable fujifilm 1600 camera and a lomography sprocket rocket camera for some panoramic shots. by the time i decide to do anything substantial with the work those films will be devved and scanned, but until then ive got my digital images to get a feel of everything. 

me and jess stopped at a lovely little cafe called 'home' in southsea. i had probably the best bagel ive ever eaten (no exaggeration) and also enjoyed an iced mocha. the interior was incredibly photogenic as you can see

i also spent time walking around southsea and got a real feel for the place visually 

at the moment the design feel linking all my ideas of what i want from this project are conflicting and are definitely prone to change. my idea of recording mundanity and familiarity of a suburban/urban residential setting is just getting off the ground and will be a slow and steady affair as more and more content is produced on my end. 

once i have some more new content ill post again!