a new direction

i had a breakthrough in a certain technique and aesthetic that i've suddenly realised i can do pretty well. its a very simple technique but as you can see i've been incredibly busy with experimenting with it in the last few days. it began with very simple line drawings but now it has graduated to a more playful feeling with an emphasis on primary colours.

jess II

tomos II



eddie (pic by jess parsons)







the barbican

greenwich peninsula

an equipment shack in a park in winchester

i've never really seen myself as an illustrator or someone who can draw very competently so i'm quite shocked at the sort of work i've managed to produce. i'm going to continue working with this new direction in my work and see how far it will take me.

in other news, i discovered a wonderful new eatery in southsea called 'the southsea deli' which was a great find as i've recently gone pescatarian. it was incredibly veggie friendly and the food + coffee was amazing. it was so good in fact that me and jess went twice in the space of 3 days.