Isle of Wight, More drawings and Fonts

i've been insanely busy this week so to keep it brief here is a quick run down of everything ive seen and made.

i went to the isle of white with jess to take a few pictures for a magazine submission themed around the colour orange.

yarmouth (5 of 21).jpg

the weather was incredibly bitter and cold. so going out was a bit of a chore on the first day i was there although the choppiness of the sea was a nice backdrop to the majority of my photos.

pic by jessica parsons

on day two the snow surprisingly made landfall on the island and settled quite a bit. me and jess took this opportunity to take a long walk down the coast from colwell bay where we were staying at her mum's and have an explore. the views were phenomenal and its definitely a rare way to see the coastline.

a little while later we ventured further into the island alongside its east coastline where i could get some wide angle landscape shots. we also stopped at an old church, a village shop and freshwater bay to take in the sight of the snow.

i've continued doing the outline illustrations and i'm soon going to try to work them into some embroidery for tshirts and sweatshirts so watch out for that.

cargo containers outline.jpg

i've made my own font for work surrounding this aesthetic called 'a colourful life'  as you can see below.

colourful life font.jpg
font 2.jpg
font 3.jpg
text me when you get home.jpg
have a good one.jpg
take care.jpg
a quick insta break.jpg

there is more stuff on my behance if you're interested in anything here and wanna see more of it. the link is at the bottom of this page.