alresford snowfall

it snowed for 3 days straight and i was trapped in my town for a long time. however i made the effort of trekking on foot around the place and taking a few pictures here and there. I also tried out the remote fire function connected to an app on my phone (although it was so cold i couldnt feel my hands and it was hard to use a touchscreen) 

day 1

on the first day there was a light dusting of snow but it was enough that much of the public transport in the area just wasnt working and people were stockpiling milk and bread.

day 2

by the second day there was so much snow from the previous day that even 4x4s couldnt traverse the huge snow drifts that had blocked in the surrounding villages. the route i was planning to take to capture some more pictures was too icy so i had to turn back at the base of a huge hill which would normally be easy to climb.

all of the snow has gone now fortunately, so i can get back to normality and start helping out a few new clients with social media help and promotional photos.